Friday, August 17, 2012

How to Earn Money affiliate?

Four main actions are taken when sending their visitors to the site of a merchant.

1. Pay per Sale: - Here the customer buys something from the advertiser

2. Pay Per Lead: --- In the visitor fills out a form of lead

3. Pay per Action: --- The visitor downloads, installs or uses any product or service.

4. Pay per Click: --- The visitor clicks on a link and visit the merchant's site. Below are detailed explanations of each action: ---

1 - Pay Per Sale:

In Pay per Sale affiliate business is the most widespread and common. Pay Per Sale program in the visitor they refer to a merchant who sells products or services. And in return you earn a commission when the visitor buys something from the merchant. But in most cases earns a percentage of the sale. However sometimes it is equipped with a flat dollar amount. But almost all the merchants who sell products on-line pay their affiliates a percentage of sales. Traders in particular fall into this category are Home Depot, REI, Dell Computers, Yahoo, MSN, Amazon and most major e-retailers on the Internet. But those merchants who deal with web hosting, online dating, and other online services tend to compensate their affiliates with a flat dollar amount, rather than a percentage of sales.

The advantages of earning a percentage of sales

Here we tend to collect a ton of cash on expensive items. Also you can earn money when visitors buy multiple items simultaneously. This is because some visitors pay their affiliates commissions on repeat purchases.

Disadvantages to earn a percentage of sales

However, the potential visitor can buy a small ticket item. In addition there is the possibility that the visitor can return the goods, for which the charge is reversed.

2 - Pay Per Lead:

Pay per lead is the second most important merchants and desirable to promote. This amount when you have the visitor makes an online form lead. Pay per lead is especially popular in insurance, mortgage, and service companies. But in this affiliate merchants pay only for qualified leads and legitimate. This means that if by any means an insurance company will send a cable to California from New York, where the company is unable to provide insurance, which is an unqualified benefit. Therefore, no compensation as such.

Advantages of Pay per Lead

Conversion rates are the best advantage of Pay per Sale. So, this guarantees great commissions in areas such as mortgages and insurance.

Disadvantages of Pay per Lead

However, the Commission has gained can be less than pay per sale programs and even some of the cables sent from your web site can not be qualified.

3 - Pay Per Action:

Pay per Action is the most advanced action, as visitors in this download, install or use any product or service. This is very popular among companies of software or web services. Yahoo is the best example of this how to compensate their affiliates, as visitors to download and install the Instant Messenger, toolbar, search, software or Music Jukebox.

Advantages of Pay per Action

In this you are not obligated to buy anything. Like everything you need to do is to try some software or web service.

Disadvantages of Pay per action programs

A visitor is referred may not meet the minimum hardware or software requirements for installing the software.

4 - Pay Per Click:

Currently, pay-per-Click is outmoded and little used. But before it was heavily used and abused. Many dealers click-fraud created bots that automatically click on their links. The cost and time needed to check the fraud had become prohibitively expensive for many traders.

Advantages of Pay per Click

Or the healthy conversion rates - Visitors simply click a link and visit the merchant's website.

o If you generate a lot of traffic, you could make a lot of money.

Disadvantages of Pay Per Click

Merchants that offer this type of affiliate program are few and far between.

or sometimes the payout per click can be very small.

An important point about the Pay Per Click

Today, most advertisers with affiliate programs are moving away from this model of payment. But now they have been traded from ad networks like Google Ad Sense and Yahoo Publisher Network .......

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